Four seasons of Uppsala
A collection of panoramic sceneries from 2006
Photo: Kenneth Lundkvist
Fyris river still ice bound in early April - a panoramic view of delayed Uppsala spring 2006.
Around April 20 there is still no sign of bud break in the birches. Still, they offer a beautiful scenery.
An open view of Old Uppsala, with the prominent grave hills, a cultural heritage from the age of the Vikings. In a few weeks, the brown hills will have turned to green.
Another true sign of spring is the unveiling of the boats in the marina - but many busy hours still remain until launching.
A view of Uppsala harbour in spring time. Water foaming after passing the 'Island water fall'. The Castle still visible through the translucent tree-line of Stadsparken.
Once summer temperatures are reached, you may find fantastic exhibitions of plants, seducing insects with bowls of nectar and pollen, like this pale pink peony flower.
A Chrysanthemum leucanthemum embracing the warm sunlight.