Impressions of Teneriffe

Through the lens of my camera - passing my mind's eye - a caleidoscope of visual impressions.

Captured by Kenneth Lundkvist in 2012                                                                            Ă…ter till hemsidan...

Palmtrees and blue skies. Colorful resting place. Street mosaic adding color...

... and structure to a grey sidewalk. You may find unsmiling ladies on guard.... well as laughing girls on parade.

Magical red leafs on bare twigs. Fanciful tree shape... ...accompanied by other shapes... ...of unlimited imagination.

Meet Miss Betty Boop! Fallen petals in the grass. Palmtree. Agaveplant in bloom.

-Beware of the archers...- ...and crocodiles in the sand! Exotic flower.

Plants with a variety of hues... ...of orange, yellow, purple... and red.

Approaching the 3 700 m high volcano Teide by bus. However, the final stretch up to the very top goes by cable car. On the way to the top, the view over the old, very large crater opens up.

The view from higher altitude shows the old crater wall
in the far distance. A breathtaking view - partly because of low
oxygen content in the atmosphere.
Want to see the very top of the volcano? Then you must make the
final few hundred meters by foot! And you need a special permit!

Teide from a distance - a view of the youngest crater at the top of the volcano. For miles and miles, you drive through av wide-stretched landscape
with solidified lava rock and impressive formations...
...forming a moon landscape of truly impressive extent.

Once, this was a red hot lava river - now it is recolonized by the
surrounding forest.